The Sims FreePlay Cheats

The Sims FreePlay Cheats

sims free play cheats

Sims Freeplay cheats comes in handy when you don’t want to pay a lot of money to buy Lifestyle points or simoleons.

This cheat tool is 100% safe to use and you don’t have to jailbreak your mobile to use it. The other best thing is that you do not have to install any software to generate the LPs. You can generate LPs and Simoleons totally free online.

There is an anti-ban system built in to this generator, ensuring that the sims freeplay game servers can not detect that you have got free LPs using a cheat.

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How to get free LP and Simoleons on sims freeplay?

  • Click here to go the Sims Freeplay online Lifestyle points generator
  • Enter your username
  • Select your device
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Which devices are supported by this online cheat tool?

  • Android mobiles
  • Android Tablets
  • Apple Iphone
  • Apple Ipad
  • Apple Ipodtough
  • Kindle
  • Windows Phone

All about the Sims FreePlay Game

A strategic life simulation game, the Sims FreePlay is a version of the Sims that has been developed by EA Mobile specifically for mobile devices. You can enjoy this free-to-play game on iOS devices, Android devices as well as the Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10 and Kindle Fire. Players are allowed to build and personalize a town of their own and create up to 34 Sims while all actions must be instructed by the player.

In order to level up in the Sims FreePlay game, players have to complete various types of actions in order to earn XP (experience points), ‘Simoleons’ and ‘LifeStyle Points’ which are both currencies of the game. As you level up, you are able to gain access to new items, buildings and decorations.

More about the Currency

The Sims FreePlay currently offers three types of currency including Simoleons, Life Points and Social Points. Simoleons can be earned if the player sends the Sims to work, make them do some gardening and also a bit of baking. Social points are earned usually if you complete various social goals in a Neighboring town. If you want to earn Life Points, you can complete goals, hobbies, drive, dig up pets, and even various offers that are available in the online store.

Sims Careers

Since this is a strategic life simulation game, there are career paths that you can choose for your Sims character. The current version of the game offers nine career paths which include Actor, Athlete, Artist, Firefighter, Musician, Politician, Real Estate Agent, Scientist and Teacher. If you need to increase your skill level and get a promotion, you can purchase skill objects that are available at the “Promotions ‘R’ Us Store”. As a typical town would, adults are given the above career choices while teens and pre-teens can be sent to school to learn. The schools include Simtown High and Simtown Elementary.

Life stages of a Sim

If you are a die-hard Sims player, chances are you know facts about the game by heart. A Sim typically goes through six life stages during the game: Baby, Toddler, Pre-teens, Teens, Adults and Seniors.

Purchasing Houses

Players can build their own house either by purchasing pre-made houses with game currency or by purchasing an empty lot. The purchase price of the house solely depends on how many houses the player currently owns while as your houses multiply, the price does too. Therefore, if you are planning on building an empire with a number of houses, then you should make sure that you complete all tasks and save up.

Regular Updates

The Sims FreePlay Game is updated with new content on a regular basis while it offers players various competitions and events which are usually announced on their official Facebook page. Each new update comes with a mix of new goals, jobs and hobbies. So far updates have included a marriage and babies update, a Valentine’s Day update, an Easter update, a style update, a social update, a supernatural update, a climate control update etc.

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sims free play cheats 2015